fredag 8 februari 2008

En vändning i texten som skär i mitt hjärta och får mig att gråta - varje gång

I've got my theories and I've got my points of view
The world is flat and I still have a chance with you
God is good and life is fair and
Heaven’s waiting so I’ll meet you there and
They’ll call last orders’ down the kings and we won’t fight
I’ll walk you home and tuck you in at night and we’ll -
We’ll watch the dawn get mugged on Chapel Street
And we will raise a family

I’ll be the apple of your parents’ eyes and
They’ll raise a glass to us and I won’t drink the bottle dry
We’ll wake each morning and we’ll count our lucky stars
There’s no relationship as strong as ours and
We’ll share and half our problems, we’ll talk our worries through
There’ll be no little secrets that I hold back from you
You’ll find fulfillment and I won’t play away
And we can only get stronger


You’ve got suspicions and you say you’ve got proof
That my commitment’s flawed and I can’t speak the truth
That I am lost and I am scared and
The lawyer’s waiting so I’ll meet you there and
They’ll call our number and we won’t put up a fight
We’ll split the pension and I swear I’ll see you right
Where there was hate, well, please let there be calm
Before the storm besets us

You know I’ll love you ‘til the day I die and
I’ve got my reasons but please don’t ask me why
We’ll wake alone some nights and wish on falling stars
That no one makes the same mistakes as ours and
We’ll never share our problems or talk our worries through
And all those little secrets will make their way to you
You’ll find fulfillment, I’ll play and lose away
And we won’t raise that family

2 kommentarer:

spengochrille sa...

Ja verkligheten blir onekligen påträngande på nåt sätt när det sjungs om advokater och pensionen.

Anonym sa...

Insiktsfull uppgivenhet är jag väldigt svag för och Montgolfiers två första skivor ''Seventeen stars' och ''The World is flat'' är verkligen bra. Att de sen låter extremt brittiska är inget minus i min bok. Om jag inte minns fel var det du som tipsade mig om dem Mattias.